Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reading Spot

I love reading.  I do it everyday....before I go to bed, when I workout on the machines (and yes, I still work up a big sweat), while John plays the Wii, sometimes in the afternoon while Burl is napping (rare, but love it).  

I always wonder where other people read.  Are people reading everywhere like me?  Or, do they have special nooks like these:

If you're reading this, please, tell me where you read.  I'm fascinated by it.  Also, tell me what you're reading.  I'm on a hunt for good books.  I'm 50 pages into A Long Way Gone, and it's so intriguing.  

Props for pictures here.


  1. I read anywhere. I like to have a particular spot, but lately I haven't had a spot so when I can read, I just read anywhere. I'm very into David Sedaris right now.

  2. Meg,
    Love your blog! I love to read sitting in my bed or in a nice chair outside during nap time when the weather is nice. Sometimes a comfy chair inside suits me, but usually just sitting up in bed. Currently, I am reading The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan and Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt. The first one has been difficult for me to really get into, and the second is about the importance of reading good books out loud to/with children and includes an annotated list of books to read to children. I am looking forward to getting to the other six books I just received for my birthday, though!
    Lindsey Erickson

  3. Well, you know what I'm reading, but my spot for reading The Help is on our super comfy couch with a blanket (even if it is hot outside).

  4. Usually I read in my comfy chair in the living room. But, I do a lot of reading at night when the hubby is falling asleep and I'm still lying awake in bed.

    I'd kind of REALLY like to read on that bench in the top picture though. How do I sign up for that?