Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Reader's Blog

I came across this blog that is about a gal's goal to read a book a week for 2010.  To quote her, "think Julie and Julia, substituting books for recipes."  Love it.  Want to do it. 

Reminded me of a memory...

When I was younger, my dad heard about a boy who grew up in poverty and became a successful surgeon.  I don't remember much of his story, but I remember that his mother made him read a book every week and write a one page report on the book.

For a few summers, my dad made us a summer deal:  read one book a week and at the end of the summer, we go to Six Flags.  At the time, that was a huge deal, because I hated reading.  

But, I did it each time.  We all did and I don't know which I loved more-Six Flags or that feeling of accomplishment.  

And look at me now?  I'm not a surgeon, but I'm a scientist.  Not really, but I like to invent things like, fun, for example.


  1. I totally remember when you hated to read! and you hated studying for the spelling tests. and we had many meltdowns in your driveway because you couldn't spend the night because you had to study for one : )

  2. The only thing I hated more than spelling tests were vocab tests. Talk about meltdown.

  3. "but I like to invent things like, fun, for example"

  4. I think that book was about Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon. Amazing man.

    Marty Davis