Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Funday

Mondays are Fundays for me.  They are year-round.  Every Monday, Jenny (hairdresser friend who has Mondays off) and I try to get together.  When it's cold, we head to a local coffee shop.  When it's hot, we hit the pool.

She was worried that once Burl came, that would be the end of our Monday Fundays.  Heavens forbid!  I just bring him along.  He loves getting out!

This past Monday was SO HOT, so a bunch of my friends hit the pool....and so did Burl.  He fits right in:

Don't worry, he usually is in the sun, has a hat, and I can guarentee that he is slathered in spf 70.  

A bit later, he needed a nap.  What better way to nap than this:

Before you report me to CPA, there was a responsible adult by him in all the just can't see them.  

Pooling with Burl is so much fun...he loves it.  Something about though reminds Jenny and me of that scene in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood when the moms are at the lake with their kids.  The kids are swimming and the moms are laying on the shore, oiled down (or is it oiled up?), smoking cancer sticks and sipping on cocktails.   That's not quite us, but we do bring snacks.

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  1. Meg!! Love these pics - I'm so glad Burl is appreciating the pool and sun at a young age. I love reading your blog and seeing the pics you post. Very creative, such good taste and I can always picture you saying exactly what you type. I love it! - Katie Sligh