Monday, September 20, 2010

A Girly Present

Recently, we went to a 1st birthday party for a little girl named Madison.  For her gift I embellished two shirts & gave her a Fancy Nancy sticker book.  {I LOVE Fancy Nancy!!!}

I bought the shirts at Walmart.  Walmart has a ton of cute, solid tees and onesies for boys and girls...and the prices are always cheap.  Always.  {Insert funny joke about Walmart being cheap.}

On the first one, I ironed an "m" on the front.  I think that I got the fabric at Walmart.  I cut a small rectangle of fabric and a small rectangle of iron-on material.  (There is an actual name for this stuff, but I can't remember what it's called.  It's really cheap-like $2/yard-and available at any craft store.)  Instructions come with the material. SUPER EASY TO USE.  Then, I printed an "m."  I used the Goudy Old Style font at size 250.  For most letters, this font works well, but I always like to play around and see which font works best.  Then, I cut out the letter and traced it on the fabric rectangle with the iron on material on the back.  Then, I cut out the fabric "m" and ironed it on the tee.  Wa-la.  Done.

For the pink, linen flower, I'll try to give directions, but I might need to go in to more detail on a later post.  First, I cut out four circles, different sizes.  For the three larger ones, I took each one and ran a needle and thread around the center and pulled to gather/ruffle it.  The more pull, the rufflier it gets.  I laid them on the shirt, with the smallest circle laying flat.  I ran a needle and thread through all the layers and the shirt to attach it.

I've never done this on a shirt before, so I asked Madison's mom to tell me how it holds up in the wash.  There could be a bunch of pink linen threads in the washing machine, or it could roll up even more, making it cuter.  Let's hope for the second outcome.


  1. Those are so sweet. I especially want an "m" one for myself. I may just have to try that little project. Perhaps those could be some inexpensive but TOTALLY personal Christmas presents?? Thanks.

  2. Its called fusible webbing and I use it for SOO many things! I made some onesies for my youngest boy recently and then stitched around the lettering so it wouldnt ravel. You can check them out on my blog (last picture on that entry): . I love your blog, keep the good ideas coming!