Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ultra Saucer

Guess who's playing with something new?  That's right, Burl's in the Ultra Saucer...the little table with baby toys attached, where the baby just drops in the middle.  
I think it helps his legs develop so he can go out for the Olympics when he's older, but it really helps me finish up some sewing projects when he wakes up early from his naps.

Today, he found the mirror.  He was OBSESSED with it.  For about 15 minutes, he just starred at himself, trying to lean over and get a kiss.  
He tried and tried and tried.  But, the plastic tube of balls ran interference.  He never got upset or cried like a girl would.  No, he just kept on trying to do it on his own.  Typical male, am I right ladies?  Ok, I'm not THAT kind of woman...just going for the easy joke.  
He seemed pretty happy about the whole experience.  I never told him about the red mark on his forehead.

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