Friday, September 10, 2010

Bean and Bacon

We aren't the family that eats out a lot-for several reasons.  First, the cost.  Good heavens, it cost so much.  Second, John says that we can't buy anything that tastes better than what I make at home.  Thank you very much, John, you are crowned best husband of 2010.  Third, it's usually not as healthy.  Since we're on the whole foods bandwagon, we try to stay close to home.
In order to stay cheap, make food that will go a long way, and keep in line with our whole food lifestyle, I make a lot of soups.  Love soups.  
With one pot, I can make one dinner and several leftovers for John to take for lunch.  Cha-ching.  If John had his way, I would make this chili every week.  It's pretty good.

This week I made Bean with Bacon.  I've adapted the recipe from here.  Here's my version and the prices:

1 pound of northern beans $0.78
5 strips of bacon $1.54
onion $0.90
some carrots $0.63
salt $basically free
dried parsley maybe $0.30

Soak the bean overnight.  Cook 'em until their tender.  In a big pot, cook the bacon.  Pull it out and let it drain.  Sautee the onion and carrots until tender.  Dice them first.  Add the cooked beans, some water (chicken stock if you have some), salt and parsley.  Wa-la.  
Several meals for appropriately $4.


  1. I might have to try this out since we're adding more of legumes to the dinner plan for health reasons (and in order to afford my REAL haircuts!). Crockpot refried beans are one of our favorites.

  2. i just made this soup and it is SO yummy!! definitely adding it to the rotation. lovin' your blog :)


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