Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh those boys.

My brothers are hardcore.  Both great runners, they set course records, hold titles and can't get enough activity.  To dominate is a good thing, and they do just that.

Also, they talk running, and which is a foreign language to me.  If I ask them what they are talking about, they just say, "running" and keep talking.  In one word, they are telling me, "we are talking about something that you don't understand or care about."  And, they're 100% correct.

They don't get my stuff either. When I showed Broseph my new stationary, he said, "how long do I have to pretend to care?" 

Because they are great runners, they can pick up other sports on a whim.  Here they are competing in a triathalon with my dad.  Dad swam, Broseph biked, Danimal ran.  I took pictures.  Running is not my thing.  My idea of running involves 30 minutes of a run-walk combo, while pushing Burl in the stroller.  Hardcore?  Not so much.

I like to think that though.  I'm up to30 push-ups.  They're girl ones, but still, I feel hardcore. 

What I really love though, is when I'm drudging through the push-ups and planks, Broseph comes in the room, gives a little chuckle, then starts singing Eye of the Tiger.  

I need a sister.

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  1. Oh, no....I was trying to forget that 80's music from my gymnastics classes so long ago!