Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cool Things

This has been a fun week with cool stuff:

1.  I got some great mail this week, and it's no secret that I love mail.  I got two great thank you notes.  They weren't the typical "thank you for blah blah blah, I'm sure I'll love using it."  No, they were gracious, thankful, and best of all they ended with the hope and invitation to hang out with each of the girls that wrote the notes.  Especially, because they are somewhat new friends, and I really want to hang out with these girls more!
2.  I got the best card ever from one of my cousins.  {Back story, for several years, I was the only girl cousin.  When my aunt got pregnant, my grandmother told me that I could pray and ask God to give me a girl.  Well, I got FOUR MORE girl cousins.  And they aren't regular girl cousins.  They are top notch girl cousins.}  One of those cousins sent me a regular card for no reason but to say hello and to pay some of the sweetest compliments that I have ever received.   It wasn't just sweet, but it was so cute!!!  She spent some time decorating and making it pretty and that meant a lot to me.  
3.  I saw something cute that I wanted to make and I actually made it.  Not only did I make it, but I had enough guts to wear it.  Side bun and big honking flower.  Not me at all.  I rocked it all day.  Not only that, but several friends put want one-including a bunch of high school girls at youth group.  {High school girls are the best audience to try things.  I love going to them for a "cool check."}  Here it is at the end of a very long, very fun day: 

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  1. Add me to the list. I want one too ;)

    If it got the high school seal of approval. I'm in.