Friday, September 17, 2010

My order arrived.

A few weeks ago, I received 100 of my new fancy, smancy custom stationary. was like water for the thirsty or food for the hungry or paper for the stationary junkie.

I was so excited.  I placed an order with my good friend Heidi, who worked with me and came up with something that I really love.  (I hid my last name because that's the safe thing to do.)

I got my supplies {good pen, return address stamp, stationary and the cutest stamps the post office had} and got-to-a-writing.

 *** side note: I go to the post office often.  For the record, they have pretty cool stamps.   When I ask if they have any new stamps, they are more than happy to show them to me.  It helps that I have 20 lbs of pure Burl attached to me in the Baby Bjorn.  It's quite exciting.  Quite.***

Heidi was great to work with, and I really enjoyed the whole process.  She does custom designs as well as a cute stationary line that she just started.  Her stuff comes packaged nicely, just like this:

It's all very exciting.  


  1. It made me feel so special to be a recipient of your beautiful stationary. I, too love beautiful papers...I just hate to use them 'cause then they'll be gone.

  2. sweet! love your taste!!! thanks for linking up ;)