Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Snail Mail

I LOVE snail mail.  Besides the junk, I love it all.  I love letters, I love packages, I love catalogs, and I even love bills.  
Bills...I love putting a stamp on my bills and mailing them off...not sure why.  Something about the fact that I'm sending it to an actual person who will open it and process is cool to me.  Now, we pay most of our bills online and that makes me sad.  A little part of me dies when I write the confirmation code on the bill that got paid online and didn't get mailed.  That might sound strong or dramatic, but it's the truth.  I wondered if there are people sitting at Accounts Receivable just waiting for mail that will never come?
Catalogs...My favorites are Pottery Barn and Serena & Lily.  Pottery Barn quit sending them to me because I never ordered anything...but I found a loophole.  If I see a friend who is registered at PB, then I go straight there for their wedding gift.  Keep them coming, PB.  I'm pretty sure that I'll NEVER order anything from SL, so I don't know what I'll do then.  Maybe order a $2 swatch?
Letters & Invitations...make me weak at the knees.  When I thumb through the stack of mail and see a handwritten address, be still my heart, I'm so happy!!!  I almost rip it open right then and there, but I make myself get back to the house and in a comfy place to read it.  I feel like I'm in an old movie where letters were the main form of long distance communication.  One time, I even laid on the bed on my stomach and kicked my feet up in the air.  
Packages...if I open up the mailbox and see a package, I collapse.  If it came as a complete surprise, I collapse and wake up crying.  I love it.  Someone could mail me an empty toilet paper roll and I would smile for the rest of the day, nay, week.  Why?  Because for some reason, they thought of me and went to the effort to package it and mail it.  

The post office should let me be their spoke person.  I think that I could get mail circulation  increased by 10%, at the very least.

Got the pics from here.

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  1. They have blogger pen pals AND swaps where you get surprises in the mail... might be something to look into. I love mail too. Going to the mailbox is one of the highlights of my day. Does that make me SUPER lame???


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