Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crafting - It's for Girls of all Ages

What's better than crafting?  Crafting with friends.  (BTW...I hate the word "crafting," but I'm using it more frequently to see if it will grow on me.  So far, no good.)

I had a few of the high school girls over from church and we had a lot of fun.  We had treats to munch on...peanut butter fudge and a glass of milk counts as lunch, right?

The only regret from the day was not getting more pictures!!!  Take my word for it-these girls are totally 100% cute.

They could make:

1. magnets
2. ornaments
3. flower pins (for your shirt, but they would put them in their hair)
4. cards

We started with cards.  (FYI...this is a fun girls' night in thing to do.  I've been to a few valentine's card making parties...just for the fun of it card making parties...youth girls card making parties...all great times.)

When they needed inspiration, I showed them a picture of the holiday bags that my mom has been making this holiday season and they went nuts!!!  There were many great variations of ornaments.  Here is Grace, who stayed the latest and made the most:

Cute card.  Cute Girl.  And yes, those corners are rounded.  They LOVED the corner cutter, and the paper cutter/scorer.  Watch out Hallmark, these girls are moving in!  (FYI...Today I learned that Taylor Swift has a line of greeting cards.)

After cards, we moved on to ornaments.  So cute, so easy, so cheap.  I grabbed step-by-step pictures in order to do a little tutorial.  Check back tomorrow for that!!!  Until then, enjoy the last little days of Christmas preparations.


  1. i am so jealous. so. jeal. ous.
    next time i better be invited. Because i am a girl. and fit into the "of all ages" category.
    you're temporarily forgiven because i just saw a picture of Burl. with snot in his nose. Ew/aw.
    Ps. That bag is verrry cute! Good job aunt MB :)

  2. why wasn't i invited? i miss and love you!! and i would've brought the wine! ;^) btw we got just dance 2 for christmas - come over baby and sweat!

  3. it wouldn't let me post unless i was anonymous (LOL) here's a hint: i'm old, fat, have to have wine to paint and think you are the most hysterical, fun-loving inspiration in the WORLD!! ha ha ha


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