Monday, December 20, 2010

Snot Bubble Cute

About a year ago, I decided to change "snot bubble" from a noun to an adjective when describing how emotional something was for me.

For example, "It was so sweet and I was crying so hard, like snot-bubble-crying."  Know what I mean?  As funny as I like to be, I actually cry at a lot of things.  Mostly, I'm a sympathetic crier.  TV, on stage, movies...if someone is shedding a tear, I'm right there with them.  Tear for tear.

Now, with Burl and winter, we are experiencing a whole new way that snot bubble can be used as an adjective.  When Burl gets a runny nose, IT RUNS AND RUNS AND RUNS.  He doesn't fuss much or seem to be bothered by it.  He's just a little bit snuggly, more drippy, and he is still very cute, 



  1. Rub some Burt's Bees hand salve on that sweet face and the snot chap will go away! BTW... most hilarious Christmas letter...EVER!

  2. This picture is and "after" picture, as in after a few regular appointments with vaseline...thanks for the heads up though.

    Glad you liked the Christmas letter. I loved your picture and big sassy hat!!!