Monday, December 13, 2010

The Pink Notebook

Ever since I was a little girl, I've kept a journal.  I go in spurts when it comes to journaling, so I have 20 or so journals that are filled with little stories of my life.  Random House said that they were interested, but I'm just not there yet.  I'm a VERY private person.  {I know my parents just choked...private is not an adjective that is ever associated with me.  Over-sharer, yes, sounds about right.}

There is one of those books that I'm willing to share with everyone.  It's the Pink Notebook and it's getting a little thick.

The Pink Notebook has been going for about 5 years and it's where I keep party and paper details.  Menus, Invitations, Stationary, and a birth announcement for one special Burly Boy.  They aren't fancy, and you won't find any letterpress (well, for right now you won't), but I have fun with it.

My card making skills are pretty limited, but I'm exploring options.  With each thing that I make, I seem to find a new thing to use, and my "skills" are evolving.  Slowly but surely.

Here are the facts:  I make everything in Microsoft Word.  I do most of the printing myself.  (My printer and my card stock have a love-hate relationship.)  In the past year, I upgraded from an X-acto knife and scissors to a paper cutter and corner cutter.  John has had to calm me down a few times when things don't go "just right."

For the most part I use: white card stock, colored envelopes, rubber stamp with ink that somewhat matches the envelope.  It's pretty basic.

Here are some fun resources:

Return Address Stamp, click here for mine, or here for a really cute one
Paper Source for envelopes in great colors
Impress Stamps for awesome rubber stamps and ideas
Fun fonts downloaded free from Da Font (Jane Austen font is a personal favorite)

I usually make the cards in stages.  For example, I do all the stamping/addressing/cutting while watching Survivor with John.  That way, it's not overwhelming.  And IT'S SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN ANYTHING THAT I'VE SEEN OUT THERE!!!  

If you are getting ready to have a party, explore the realms! (isn't saying it that way sound so Oo-la-la?)  It's way more fun to receive an invitation in the mailbox than getting an Evite in your inbox or an event invitation on Facebook.  All in all, a party's a party.  No matter how I'm invited, I'll do everything that I can to get there.  Especially if there's dancing involved.  Am I right, ladies?  

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