Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Like to Move It, Move It

For the past three years, John has been regularly exercising.  For me, I've been exercising for the past year and a half (except for the break I took for that fun third trimester).  Working out has changed our lives.

John was the one that made the change, and I was eager to follow along.  Our motivations were different, but our outcomes are the same.

For John, he wanted more energy.  He was sick of getting worn out at work, crashing at night, and getting winded doing simple things like walking up stairs.  He wasn't really overweight, but he could afford to lose some-same for me.

For me, my motivation was a healthier lifestyle and some good old fashion weight loss.

We started working out.  John does a run-walk combo (mostly running at this point) and some strengthening exercises when he gets home.  I like to change it up.  I do the elleptical (at the university gym where I graduated), yoga, and run with a side of strengthening exercises as well.  

We each started out small-15 minute walks in the neighborhood, three times a week.  To be honest, the hardest part about exercising is fitting it in our schedule.  Starting with 15 minutes and working up from there, it's become part of our routine.  Adding a new baby in the mix has made it a bit more challenging.  This is where John has really taken the lead.  He works so hard to fit 3 workouts into his week.  He wakes up early, he goes late, whatever it takes to make it happen.  To see his dedication has been encouraging, because I'm usually the one who likes to right off working out due to "a crazy day."  As hard as it is, the benefits are 1,000% worth it!


Here they are:

1. We have so much more energy!!!  So much more.  This is the best part!  By far.  I don't know the science behind it, but it's true.  We are both so energetic and accomplish so much more now. We move efficiently from task to task, we like being active, we prioritize.  We aren't crazy people on speed bouncing off the walls, but we're close.  We're pretty active-playing with Burl, going for strolls, talking, reading, crafting (that's just me on that one), having fun.  This might sound like we're busy-bodies, but I don't mean to make it sound like that.  It's just that we do life stuff so much better now than before.  We show up and we're present.

2.  We sleep better.  I know the science on this one.  Work hard, play hard, sleep hard.  Before, we would veg out on the couch every night and wonder why we didn't sleep well.  Go figure.

3.  We lost weight, and we're more tone.  Ok, John has totally dominated this one.  He's so fit now and I'm happy for him.  I'm not quite to that point.  There is still some weight that I don't like carrying around with me, but I'm working on that.  I am however way more toned and stronger than I think I've been in the past, and my weight is doing better than it's done in several years.

4.  We eat better.  Here's where this really happens:  while we are out there running and pounding on the payment, we both wish that we ate differently before the run.  When I know I'm going to work out later, I think, "what's going to make me feel the best."  The answer is always some good vegetables with protein.  Whole foods, I heart you.  Also, when those runs are difficult, I think, "I've gotta quit eating junk, it's weighing me down."  Disclaimer: I still eat a lot of yummy food.  It's just more real.  Instead of oreos, I make my own cookies.  Instead of chips and Velveeta/Rotel dip, we eat chips and salsa.

5. I feel good knowing that I'm getting it done.  I'm sure everyone out there, feels that nagging voice, telling us to workout.  Doesn't it feel awesome when we actually do it?  I've never once worked out and thought, "man, I wish I would have stayed home and chillaxed."  

6. It's what we're suppose to do.  John, Broseph and I were watching Biggest Loser.  I love seeing the transformations, and I get teary when they get teary.  Broseph and John laugh.  I was teasing Broseph about laughing at them.  Me: "I respect them for doing that.  It's hard to lose all that weight."  Broseph: "It's what they're SUPPOSE to do.  We're suppose to workout and be in shape."  Even though I wanted to keep arguing some points, I thought, that's actually a good point.  We are suppose to be active and it feels good to know that I'm making a switch to what I'm suppose to be doing.

7.  We're happier.  Thank you, Endorphin.

One of my turning points was watching the movie Wall-E.  When I saw that the human race was in a space ship, riding around on hover-chairs, getting all their nutrition through a straw, unable to walk, it kind of scared me.  Is that where our society is headed?  Probably not, but maybe there is some truth in that.  If there is, then I've got to stop the pattern.  For me.  For Burl.  For my family.

I've been wanting to share this for a while, but I'm afraid I sound preachy.  I really don't mean to be.  It's just that exercising has really changed our lives for the better and I wanted to write it all out to process it.  I want to remember and know that this is the life for me.


  1. Love how this follows your previous post:)

  2. I have never seen Wall-E before, but I have definitely been thinking about where the world is headed due to a recent trip to disney world. There are WAY too many people out there that rely on scooters to walk. Taking the Monorail anywhere in Disneyworld is such a waste of time now, because now at every stop they have to get the little ramps out, not for the handicapped people, but for the overweight people on scooters who can't walk half a mile without collapsing. It's very sad. Also, in the tip book I was reading it said that they are going to have to redo the Peter Pan ride because the majority of the population can't fit into the pirate ships anymore. Your whole foods menus inspire me. I wish I could make a total change over to that. Soon!!!! It's all a gradual process right? I started weight lifting this summer (first time I've ever done that) and I have loved how much better I feel because of it.

  3. Saw Mr. Day out in the dark last night. Very serious business. Bet he sees a lot of stuff. Kudos you you both. I am a raving loon without moving my rear at least 5 days a week. Also, I love to eat so there ya go. Favorite food...goat cheese. Hence the running.