Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anthropolgie Designer

Anthro.  Short for Anthropologie.  Key word to all my friends as dang cool.  

Used in conversation: "I LOVE that dress and the ruffles are so cool."
"Thanks.  I got at it Anthropologie.  On clearance."
"Awe...it looks like Antrho."

Used in a sentence: "You got that at _____?!?  It looks like something you'd get at Anthropologie!"

It's a store, a catalog, a movement of cute clothes, home good, books, and more.  All my friends know it and love it.  Even though I could fit all the things that I bought from there in the palm of my hands, I still adore it.  They are cool.  They are funky.  They are different.

My favorite, favorite thing are their window displays and merchandising.  It's amazing.  It inspired my tree stand that I use every year.  It's so cool.  In almost every retail joint where I've worked, I've been involved in merchandising.  Clothes.  Home decor.  Bookstore.  From following a guidebook  to having complete freedom, I've enjoyed it all.

When I see the displays at Anthropologie, I have to wonder how they come to be.  Is it straight out of a guidebook?  Do the clerks just come up with fun creative ways?  I wonder...and now I know.  

Because I found Kara Paslay Design blog.  She is a display coordinator for the Anthropologie in Tulsa.

Do yourself a favor and go to her blog.  Check out her before and afters, her home, her portfolio and her work at Anthropologie.  It's definitely worth it.

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  1. one of my former youth group girls now college student is a design intern at anthro this summer in Birmingham! She got to help set up a display as soon as she got there, and then her design for a new display was chosen to be used by her store as well as other stores. pretty cool and fascinating.