Monday, July 18, 2011

A Lot of Birthday Celebrations

When we have a birthday in this house, we celebrate big time.  Dinners.  Adventures.  Celebrations.  Desserts.  It's a pretty big deal.  This year, for my 30th, was no exception.  

My mom took the day off of work while I met some friends for a free burrito, then pool time without kids.  Like my friend told me, "kids sure are a lot of fun, but it's nice to be alone everyone to do our own thing."   It was great to eat with my birthday crew girls, get in some fun pool time, and just be.  Very nice.  

That night John, Burl and I went to an Italian place for a free birthday dinner.  John was a little bit late coming home, which I was totally ok with.  When his coworker heard it was my birthday, he told John to head home quickly, cause he shouldn't work late on his wife's birthday.  John explained to him that it was ok: Friday we were going on a dinner/movie date, Saturday we were going for family dinner, and Sunday we were having a big party.  His coworker just laughed.  Yes, coworker, I'm very self-indulgent on my birthday.

Before dinner, I grabbed a family picture.  I think I'm making this a tradition.  We did this last year, and I love to look at the difference:

At dinner, Burl really became a toddler.  I've never seen him act like he did at the restaurant.  Back story: a month before we had Burl, John and I were out to eat.  The booth behind us was grandparents with a screaming baby.  She cried and screamed and cried and screamed.  We had a talk about how that would be us in just a bit and how we would need to be flexible, one of us in the car with the baby while the other quickly paid for the ticket and got our food to go.  We've never had to do that, but this time it got close.  He hated his high chair, walked around for a bit, and would only eat the pretzel sticks that were somehow in my purse.  He was finally ok, as long as his sippy cup had water in it and he got to sit in a big chair by John.  As much of a pain that it was, John and I laughed through most of it.  The toddler years are here.  Bring it on, Burl.

Friday night, John and I went on a date.  Sushi and 'Arry Potter.  Seeing an epic movie like that on opening night is such an experience.  And it's always fun to go on a date with my main squeeze.

Saturday night we went to my favorite restaurant with my family.  This is the first year that both my brothers have been able to come, and it was great.  On the way up the mountain (where the place is located), we stopped at the hang glide drop off.  Apparently, this location is one of the best hang gliding spots in the world.  The view ain't too shabby, either.

I grabbed a picture of the two of us chilling on the drop off point.  I think we were contemplating how someone could just run off the side of a mountain.  Now, I'm contemplating my eye brows.  They haven't been showing up in a lot of my pictures and I'm not sure I like it....mona lisa, much? 

Dinner was great and exactly how it always is.  My brothers and I hoard the conversation until we are all laughing so hard, we made a scene.  Also, we talk about all the other great meals that we've which John pointed out, "this type of conversation would never happen with my family...only this family talks about great meals during a great meal."  No doubt.

We ended the birthday celebrations with cake and friends last night.  Lots of cake and lots of friends.  I emptied my camera memory, charged the battery, and did not take one.single.picture. It went a little something like this: perfection.  I wanted it easy and laid back.  We had cake and drinks and that was it.  We had a pretty big size crowd of people who laughed and talked and had a good time.  And there was enough cake leftover for me to have some for breakfast...

Thirty is going pretty good already.


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you celebrated like you should have!! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a killer birthday weekend! Hopefully that is an indication of how amazing this year will be :)