Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Want Something

I'm turning 30 on Thursday, and letmetellya, I couldn't be happier about it.  {More on that later.}  With every birthday comes presents and celebrations and special dinners.  I have so much fun deciding what I want to do.  However, I have a difficult time making a present list.  

For the big 3-0, I feel like the present should stand out.  Be amazing. Go down in history.  In several years, at a fancy cocktail party, when someone points out my diamond necklace and says, "oh I just love your necklace" I can casually reply, "why thank you, it was a gift from my love for my 30th."

But that's just not me.
No fancy parties.
No diamonds.
No calling John my love.
No putting why in front of my thank you's.  

With expensive jewelry off the list, I tried to come up with some stuff that would really make me happy: a new front door, a new screen door, a grill, a few things from etsy, a mug from Anthropologie, and a new den.
Pretty lofty request, huh?  

But that's not it.  I want to start something.

Back story {and why these pictures are here}:

A friend asked me to design some stationary for her to give as gifts.  I've been enjoying every minute.  Also, another friend cleaned out her linen closet.  She stopped by my house on the way to the thrift store to offer me whatever I wanted.  "I'm sure you can find something to do with these if you like them." Sheets, thick pink fabric, pom-pom coverlet, matelasse.  Yes, please!  And the ideas are flowing!

Somewhere along the way of making stationary and getting some cool, free material, I realized what I really wanted for my 30th: to make stuff.  For other people.  I want to start an Etsy shop.  

That's what I want for my birthday.  For reals.  Saying that out loud feels so weird.  Almost embarrassing.  Like I'm revealing a big dark secret about myself.  However weird it feels to say it, it's also exciting to say it.  

Hi.  My name is Meg.  I want to start an Etsy shop.  {Big, deep, sigh}

Advice is welcome.


  1. Yay! Happy "almost" birthday. Sounds like an etsy shop would be a gift that keeps giving ALL YEAR LONG. AND when it's huge and you're a famous retailer doing interviews (wherever famous retailers do interviews) you can say, "Why, I started it as a present to myself on my 30th birthday!" Perfect.

  2. that's awesome!! go for it! i always love what you are talking about and what inspires you. would definitely be a customer!