Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How We Celebrated The 4th

Our weekend was great.  Simple and great.  The fun started when John took Friday off.  Four day weekend-que party music.  I love having him here because:

a. I think he's cool
b. He is cool
c. He carries Burl for me
d. He tells me why he thinks I'm a good mom
{after I may or may not had a meltdown about having NO IDEA on how to be a parent}
e. He changes diapers
f. He makes me laugh
g. He's cool
h. He's the only other parent of Burl and is willing to have endless conversations about what we love about our little Burl.

With John home, we had some small plans.  Small plans and big fun.
We did America right this year and celebrated American style:

Home projects
5 Guys Burgers and Fries
A baby hike
Swatting gnats  
Trip to Home Depot
Hot dogs with the family
Slip 'n Slide

After weekends like these, I like to have a recap the night before John goes back to work.  Sometimes, I like more than one recap.  What was your favorite part?  What was your strongest memory?  Wasn't he cute when he did {this}?  I'm sorry about the time I did {this}.  

Watching Burl go down the slip n slide was definitely a highlight.  Lots of squealing fits of laughter.  Watching him give up the slide for a vehicle was just as cute.

The best part for John was the afternoon that I brought Burl home from running errands, and he ran in the house looking and saying, "da-da. da-da?"  It's kinda a big deal when your baby says your name.

And it's kinda a big deal when we have four days off together.  As a family.  
Togetherness and familyness.  Thank you, America! 

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  1. That is so sweet! Love one of the reasons you love him! (b/c he's the only other parent of Burl) Having children gives you a special bond doesn't it?


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