Monday, July 4, 2011

This Week's Menu

Happy 4th everyone!  I hope that you, America, are keeping it Klassy.  

We are about to head to my in-laws for a day of hot dogs, sweat, slip n slide, and fireworks.  Before we go, I am going to share our menu this week.  Nothing impressive, just how we eat.  One of them is a repeat from cooking club.  I smoked a pork butt and it was one of the best meats I've ever made.  Recipe to come later.  

Also, I was able to get some things from the little Saturday market two blocks from my house.  I still can't believe I have a market that I can walk to.  Awesomeness.  

Here we go:

Cornmeal Catfish (just made this for the first time.  EASY & YUMMY!) and pasta salad
Burgers and roasted blue potatoes (pictured above)
Tacos...with smoked pork butt and corn
Salad with leftover pork butt and blue cheese.  Anticipating this one!

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