Monday, November 21, 2011

Burl's Quilt

For each of her five children, Julie has made a quilt.  We're talking high quality stuff.  It's not a task to her.  It's not overwhelming.  It's just her way of loving her babies.  She tried to explain to me that it made her feel motherly.  I read something like that at Soule Mama.

It never really clicked in my head until it turned cold.  Burl's been in a toddler bed for quite a while now. (He was moved there after he fell out of his crib when he was 13 months old.)  He's been using those little baby blankets we received at his baby showers.  Eventually they were just big enough to cover him if he didn't move.  At all.  The whole night.  

For the month of October, I felt like an awful mother.  I would go to bed and worry that he wasn't warm enough, that he was going to be cold, sleeping there in his almost-big-boy-bed.  Keeping the babies warm is a mother's duty and I felt like I was failing.  Then, I did something about it.  

Julie told me how to make a quilt and I made the easiest quilt possible.  No designs.  No patchwork.  Just colors that I wanted for him.  Some might recognize it from here-and that's exactly where I gathered my inspiration, aka, copied it.

The first night that it was on his bed was the first night I went to sleep NOT worrying about him.  It was also the same night that I went into labor with Fern.  It's like my body wouldn't let me bring another baby into the world until I took care of the first one.  Hmm.

I was snapping these pictures right before nap time. I tried to grab a picture of Burl sitting and smiling, nicely, on the new quilt.  Well, that didn't happen.  Burl doesn't get sleepy-he gets wild the more tired he gets.  Wild he was.  Eventually, he got under the covers and let me take a picture of him.

And, finally, "he got under his covers," because I did what I was suppose to do.  I kept him warm.
Now, we're both resting easy.


  1. no way!! i had the biggest quilt dilemma with webb's bed and fell in love with that serena and lily one too! i even thought about making one but knew i wouldn't be able to in time. so i bought a $15 at tj's. when life calms down, i'm going to contact you on this process! SO impressed meg!!

  2. Great job on the quilt, it looks fantastic!! I've been wanting to make one of the boys this winter: I sleep uneasy because I am always thinking they are cold & have uncovered themselves! How did you get the lines so even?