Friday, November 18, 2011

Everyday Occasions

I love it when holiday decorations are out of the box but still fit with the theme of the holiday.
Some people like traditional, some people like 100% uniqueness, but for me, I like that sweet spot in between.  I like unexpected, but not to the point that it turns its back on what we've always known.  I like a new take on what has always been.

For example, the Christmas green and red becomes sage and soft brown in my house, because that's how we like it.  Some people can't live without the red and the green and that's ok.  Some people go for hot pink and turquoise and that's ok too.  For us, we go with something in between. Something softer.  Something different.

When I came across the picture above on a blog, I was in love.  Blue and white pumpkins-I think they were made just for me.  With a few orange ones in there, it's oh-so-perfect.  It almost has me thinking about decorating my table-but since my mom and I are the only ones who would notice, I might not.

Whether I decorate a holiday table or not, I'll still enjoy thinking about it.  One way I'll do that is by frequenting this new blog: Everyday Occasions.  Her pictures are perfect, her style is wonderful, and she is always posting beautiful things!  Go there now and check out an array of pages:

Her Home
Her Life

The Essentials page is my favorite!  It's a list of products that she loves and she considers must-haves.  Anyone who has "household stationary" on that list is pretty awesome to me!

There ya go-yet another new blog to enjoy.  For me, I might gather inspiration from her site.  Or, with a newborn, I might just enjoy the pictures and wait for another year to copy what I see.  Either way, I'm going to enjoy the view from here.

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