Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Burl's First Climbing Trip

This Sunday was the first time Burl went rock climbing outside.  He's been to the gym a few times, but is usually distracted by the padding, which makes for fun falling.  Also, we think that this was Burl's second time being in the raw woods.  Second time and he's already a year a half old!  That's just embarrassing.  

To say he loved it would be an understatement.  He stood in awe as John climbed the first boulder.  

As soon as John got to the top, Burl went for it.
He was fearless.
Ready to go.
And totally not capable.
He's just too little.  

John tried to help him pretend to climb, but Burl was not fooled.  He wanted to get to the top.  He wanted to climb.  He was soon frustrated and we went with our backup plan:

Food.  Our friend's little girl and Burl enjoyed a fine picnic of apple slices and oreos on the towel.

Then, we moved on to the climbing chalk.  

Burl was fascinated with pulling it all out and dumping it on the rocks.
No worries-the stuff is cheap and good for motha-nature.

Once the chalk was done, he was back trying to climb.  As John finished his route and was coming down, Burl was trying to get to the top.  

John tried to entertain him by letting him pretend to climb, 

but Burl was not fooled.  To the top was all he wanted.

John took him to one of the boulders that had a low back and they looked over for a while.  

Eventually Burl got frustrated that he couldn't climb to the top himself.  So, we called the trip a success, packed it up, and left.  

I tried for one last family picture on the trail, but Burl was not having any of it.  

He loved it in the woods and was not ready to leave.

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  1. I remember those days so clearly...pregnant and laughing at the antics of my almost 2 year old trying to be independent and grown up.


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