Monday, October 31, 2011

The Last Weekend

There were so many times this weekend that John and I would look at each other and say, "this could be the last."  Meaning, this could be our last weekend with just the three of us.  With my due date only a week away, we know that baby #2 could come  (We're also trying to keep in mind that she could be late like #1 was-we just don't like to talk like that though.)

Our to-do list was ignored.  Productivity wasn't invited to play this weekend.  Instead, we tried to focus on doing fun things with Burl.  Morning family snuggles in the bed, long meals followed by playtime, exposing Burl to the terrifying Chick-fil-a cow, and lots of outside fun.  

For whatever reason, we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch on Saturday.  That's like going to child mecca on it's busiest holiday.  Goodness, they do a lot of business!

Who knew that waffle fries and chicken marinated in dill pickle juice could draw such a crowd?

After lunch, we went to a nearby park, along with several birthday parties, little league teams, and one hilarious photo shoot (insert mental picture of two teenage girls lying on their stomachs on top of each other while one lady holds a reflection disk thingy and one lady throws leaves over them.  HILARIOUS!)

Even though there were 1948034 people there with us, it felt like our own.  The weather was great.  We were all feeling the family vibe.  Then, there were the colors.  I think I've had two handfuls of conversations about these colors.  Something about this year's turning of the leaves is absolutely amazing.  I heard that means that we have a cold winter coming up, but I'm no nature expert.  Just a big fan!

This park is so cool it even has a little babbling brook that is just Burl's size.  Not too big. Not too small.  Just right for Goldilocks Burl.  The creek has a collection of small pebbles for the very popular kid game of "throw stuff in the water."  

At one point, John asked me to pass him the good rocks (aka, the bigger rocks) that were "just right by my feet."  Ahem.  Right by my feet is right out of reach.  Mama ain't reachin' that far unless it's an emergency.  Like a fallen cookie or something.

Once Burl started to trying to make splashes himself, we pulled him away.  I wanted a family picture.  We went in the field behind the barn where we found this gem of a thought:

"Break what's breakable."  So profound.  Like fo' sho'

Next up, we left Burl for the evening.  Enough family time.  We got all dressed up for Mandy's 30th birthday party.  Old Hollywood was the theme.  (Mandy, I know you're reading this, so I have to tell you that we don't get dressed up for just anyone.  Labor of Love.  Happy Burfday.)

We were with our little group of friends.  The ones we throw showers with, the ones we get together for birthdays, the ones where the girls and guys are friends and when we get together, we get a little goofy.   Niiiice, Frank.

Photo booth?  Yes, please.  

Group shot on the balcony?  Don't mind if we do.  All.Good.Fun.  

Sunday we took Burl climbing.  Bouldering to be exact.  By we, I mean, John.  Pulling a 9-month belly up a rock is not appealing to me right now.  I took the pictures.  

Burl enjoyed it.  The climbing chalk was fun.  The outside was fun.  What was most fun was the actual climbing.  Burl was captivated.  To do the trip justice, I'll be writing more about that later...

For now, we'll just call the trip a success.  We'll call the whole weekend a success.  So, baby #2, we're ready for you.  You can come on out anytime now.  Any.Time.

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