Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Flower, Zipper Pouch, Rolled Flower Necklace

This past weekend, I had a little baby shower.  Actually, it was a sprinkling because I didn't need as much stuff as the first go around.  For my three friends who threw the shower, I made their hostess' gifts.  I did this to save money, but mainly, because I can never find that perfect gift for three people in a store.  I wanted something that they would like and be able to use, but also I wanted something that reflected my style.

I was initially inspired by these zipper pouches I saw on Pinterest.  Then, I made them me.  I am the queen of solid colors, because, as much as I love patterns, I haven't figured out how to rock them.  These girls know that I love white and soft pink, so off I went.  


I made mine using this tutorial, except I made mine bigger.  I also combined the tutorial with a few phone conversations with two sewing friends of mine to get the right look.  I've never attached a zipper before, but it was simple.  The tutorial give directions to do it without using a zipper-attaching-piece on the sewing machine.  I sewed it on using a straight line.  Once I got the hang of it, it went quickly.


The big flower is attached to the zipper pouch to make it look more like a cute little clutch.  Not only that, but it also comes off so it can be pinned to something else.  

This flower can be found all over the internet.  People are putting them on pillows, on their shirts, and in their hair.  I have one for my hair.  I got my tutorial HERE, then I added a few steps.

To help stabilize the flower, I hot glued a felt circle to the back of it:

Then, I hot glued a clasp and a felt tab to the big felt circle.  The tab looks a little silly, so I'll probably skip that step next time.


The rolled flower seems to be everywhere these days.  Google instructions for it and you almost get as many hits as if you type "aprons" into Etsy.  

I've made them before when I made these onesies.  Easy-peasy.  It requires fabric, glue and scissors.  (Abby, I think you and your college girls should do this with some cute, old shirts)  The best tutorial is this one and some inspiration can be found here and here.

Once my flowers were done, I needed to attach them to a chain.  

I found the chain at Walmart.  It was 90 inches long with four clasps to attach and cost $3.  The chain can be pulled apart to make anything length.  I went with 21 inches, and I had John attach the closure clasps with his man tools.  

I found the center of the necklace and attached the middle flower.  Then, I moved on to the next flower.  I laid a small felt flower underneath the chain.  The felt circle was smaller than the flower.

I added hot glue to the circle, making sure to cover the chain and not go too close to the edges.

Then, I pressed the flower onto the felt circle.  

I tried it on and pranced around the house for a bit and the flowers kept flipping around.  I don't have a picture for it, but I hot glued them together.  I did this by adding a little bit of glue where they touched each other.

I went with three flowers, but I have seen it with 7 flowers of varying sizes or one big one.  
It can really get fun.

Lots of girlishness.  
Lots of craftiness.  
Lots of fun.  

These might just be my go-to craft for presents for burfdays, christmas, or just for fun, 
because anything floral is just that: fun.

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  1. oooo pretty! Will have to try that! I made tshirt scarves it was fun. Love the pic of you and Burl @ the fountain-- Coming home this weekend for fall break, want to see you!


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