Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Picnics Are Magical

I should start a blog about how wonderful picnics are.  They're just great.  Last week, Burl and I picked John up again for his lunch break.  We headed to a park just a few minutes from his work and enjoyed some good ole fashion, quality time.  

I was telling my mom about it and she asked what exactly we did on our picnics.  More specifically, she wanted to know what Burl did.  

Since it was warm enough, we all took off our shoes.

Burl climbed on John.  No games.  No big activities.  Just time outside on and around a blanket.

As we're packing up to rush John back to work, I made us take a group picture.
I want to remember the little times-a simple picnic-just as much as I do the big times, because that's where real life happens.


  1. Lovely! and so true. Those little times are actually the most important.

  2. woah, he looks a lot like John!

  3. it really is the simple things - this is why i'm honouring your blog here :) http://lovelillyuk.blogspot.com/


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