Friday, October 21, 2011

Youth Group

Instead of our regular youth group, this week we had a fall festival.  It was all fun, games and food.  Bobbing for apples, bouncy castle obstacle courses, Just Dance 3, cotton candy, and a whole lotta energy was on the agenda for the night.

Here I am dancing with some girls to Just Dance 3.  I think I might have won this round.  

I absolutely love going to youth group on Wednesday nights.  I've been hanging out with middle and high schoolers for over a decade now and I can't imagine my life without it.  The energy and excitement of teenagers is contagious.  Their honesty is refreshing.  The camaraderie of all the leaders has changed my life.

Before Burl was born, John and I talked about things that we didn't want to give up just because we had kids.  Youth group was on my list.  I love going.  I can't imagine NOT going.  It's just great.  And I'm thankful that someone pushed me to do this, because it has just been so much fun.


  1. Strangely, it's not quite as 'energizing' when the teen is yours! (you still love them, it's just more of a struggle)!

  2. I so agree! So many people ask me how I could possibly teach middle schoolers and high schoolers. I absolutely ADORE them! (And I adore them even more when one of them is mine!)

  3. I love being able to have fun with the girls I serve as well. You can't stay cranky long in a room full of teens looking for fun :)


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