Friday, October 28, 2011

Peninsula, Calendar, and To-Do List

T-minus 9 days until my due date and I can honestly say that I'm ready.
I'm ready to meet her.
I'm ready to not be pregnant.
I'm ready to get this show on the road.
And, my to-do list is crossed off enough for me to relax.

Here is a picture of our landing zone, our headquarters, our base camp.  It's not a grand entry, but it will do.  It's what we call the peninsula. (Our whole kitchen here.)   When we come in the door, we walk to the kitchen and this is where we drop our bags, groceries, mail, etc.  Instead of a junk drawer, I have a junk (I keep typing "drunk" ) tray.  (My mood, at times, can be directly linked with how well the peninsula is cleaned off.)

Instead of a cute setup like this from Pottery Barn, I have my bulletin board.  I've had a bulletin board like this since I was a kid.  I love that it is our little space to put fun little paper things.  Quotes, invitations, encouraging letters, cute pictures, Gap coupons, the very-popular-conversation-starting-Good Wife Guide, and most importantly, our calendar.  

This month has been To-Do List month.  To help me feel underwhelmed, I made a list of all the things that I needed and wanted done before baby #2.  John picked up on my sense of urgency a few weeks ago and has been the forerunner in getting things done.  Some days, he'll call me and he'll say, "so what do you want me to get done tonight?"  I'll pick a few things and he will do them.  Most of the time, he includes Burl.  It's a good system.

While not everything is crossed off, I'm feeling good about our situation.  (Partly because I keep adding things on the list in anticipation of getting to CROSS things off the list.)  This weekend may very well be our last weekend with just the three of us, so we are laying off the preparations.  We're hoping to get some big fat quality time in.  Enjoy the weather.  Play outside. Do things with Burl.

It really is not.much.longer...


    get pumped!
    i'm a second child and obbviouslllyyy made my family 1000000 times better, so... :)

    just kidding! but i wanna know when she's here!! yay

  2. I am so so excited and ants can't wait to meet her. I also love seeing that button on the bulletin board :)
    that thing has to be nearly 25 years old!


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