Friday, October 14, 2011

Saying Yes

I think the phrase is suck the marrow out of life.  That's been our game plan for the past month. As we approach the due date, we are busy.  We are busy preparing.  We are busy enjoying Burl.  We are busy living it up.

I'm not sure what life will be like with two children, but I know it will be a bit different than life with just one.  So, for now, we're saying yes to everything.  We going for girls' nights, climbing trips, time to ourselves, picnics, and more.  

Cookout to watch the Georgia/Tennessee game?  Sure.  We know little to nothing about football, but we know a heck of a lot about being outside, hanging out with friends, and getting our eat on.

Then, there is our city.  John and I are both born and raised Chattanoogans, and we're kinda in love with our city.  And I don't want to say it's the best  because that sounds like bragging and no one likes a bragger.  Buuuut, there was a contest, and we won it.  Outside Magazine said so.

When some friends remind us of a music festival on the river, we go.  We say yes.  And we run into more friends, because Chattanooga is cool like that.  It's a very big, small city.

We watch two toddlers dance to the music and stay up very late.  It's the kind of thing parents do when they have three kids, usually not with just one kid.  Lara said so.

And that's how we roll.  Because come baby #2, there is going to be less rollin'.
We still gonna roll, but I have no idea what that's going to look like.  For now, we're saying yes.


  1. Love it! Say yes! Embrace those times. PS. This is the happiest I have EVER seen John in a photo. Just saying...he must be a night owl.

  2. When I saw that first picture, I figured you were in the Chattanooga area. :) I went to school at Lee in Cleveland.

  3. I wonder why I never run into you? It seems like we find some of the same events to attend :)

  4. It's weird to look at a picture of your life and wish I was there (though that might seem entirely understandable to you!). But my brand new SIL, my friend Ali, my friend Patty (we go way back) and you and someone I don't know? Well, I wish I could've come too. :)


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