Friday, November 4, 2011

Waiting on #2, Remembering #1

We're in limbo.  We're waiting.  We're antsy.  We have no idea when baby #2 is going to make her appearance.  During my appointment on Wednesday, my doctor did something to try and help this baby make her appearance.  I was given an 80% chance to go into labor within 48 hours.  Pretty good odds.  Well, those 48 hours have come and gone and no baby.  Yet.

While Burl's down for his nap, I'm scanning through some pictures of his first weeks.  It makes me eager to hold him when he wakes up; it makes me highly anticipate having another one; and strangely enough it calms me down.  

Number 2 will come on her own sweet time.  This pregnancy is coming to an end.  The fun will continue on.  Right now, I'm not making to many plans.  I'm watching a bit more TV.  I'm texting my brothers random things throughout the day (with little to no response). I'm trying to stay busy with small activities.  This will happen.  Eventually.  Until then...we're just hanging out.


  1. I've been remembering the anticipation of burl's arrival! thought he would never come. ready to meet #2!!

  2. my doc "stirred things up" for me 3 times before my third baby made her appearance - a week late! praying you have plenty of time to rest before your little one arrives. :)