Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Things For Everyone

There are two things that I have loved recently.  So much so, that when I think about them, I want to give them to all my friends.  If I could buy them in bulk and pass them out to my girls, then I would.  

The first is no surprise if you've read this blog for a few months: blue mason jar soap dispenser.  Some of my friends started a cult following of all things blue mason jar, so much so that I finally checked on Etsy to see if soap dispenser jars were available.  Oh, there are plenty of options.  They are so fun and something about them make the homemaker, girly, lover of vintage, parts of me smile.

That blue-so hot right now.
That old part-so hot right now.
That re-purposed to something practical-oh, so hot right now.

{picture from HERE

My other present that I would rain upon my friends-a book.  Some of my friends, no, make that most of my friends are probably sick of hearing about it.  The book is called: Grace for the Good Girl, Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life.

{picture from HERE}

There is so much that I could say about this book, but it's going to come out all swirled together and hard to understand.  If you want to hear the author talk about it, then go here.

As a Christian woman who has walked with the Lord for a long time, I can have a hard time thinking that I'm a sinner and I need saving.

I love rules-I love to follow them.
I love lists and checking things off the list.
I love to be right.
I love to be needed and to help.

What I don't love is coming to the realization that I do all those things for the wrong reason.  I do those things for me and how they make me look to other people.  

This book helped me see that I'm pretty messed up on the inside.  I get competitive, I get controlling, and I just get ugly.  It also helped me to realize that the Lord has already taken care of all that junk and He loves me more than I know.  I'm getting to know that grace and love.

Part of me hates to share this much of my personal stuff through my blog.  (Maybe that's why I paired the serious book with the fun mason jar...insert thoughts here.)  However personal it is to share with people that I know and don't know, I'm putting it out there because I think there are a lot of women who would enjoy this book.  For those women like me who try hard, like to appear good, and don't let Jesus' grace step into the heart, treat yourself to this book.  


  1. Thanks for the honest, vulnerable assessment about this book. I am going to go check it out!

  2. well I for one love BOTH of your choices!! I promise, I'm not saying that just because it's my sister's book! xo

  3. thanks for sharing, i appreciate your honesty. i have only been walking with the Lord a couple years and I fall into that same trap too...I forget that I too am a sinner in desperate need for our Savior daily. i will have to check out that book :)

  4. Playing the part is a huge challenge for me- I tend to want to look sinless even when my life is full of sin. Thanks for sharing about the book- it sounds like a great encouragement.

  5. Great choices, I'll definitely have to check that book out. Thank the Lord for His Grace!

  6. So honest and brave of you. We all struggle with's just that most of us don't realize it.

  7. being honest is the making a real blog.


    saw you at the nester...

  8. I just added that book to my Christmas wish list!!! I just know it's going to be wonderful, and I love Emily's blog.

    So nice to 'meet' you today! I blog at "Only A Breath" and would love for you to stop by and visit :)


  9. I love this book as well. And I totally get the pairing-a-mason-jar-with-serious-stuff thing... I do that, too. But thanks for being honest. It blesses your readers :)