Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Quilt For Fern

Burl's quilt was not the first quilt that I made.  Before I made his, I made one for Fern.

 I'm one of those people that is really picky about clothes and decorations and things like that.  I can find something I like, but it is usually WAY out of my budget.  We could say that I have expensive taste, but that makes me sounds fancier than I really am.  As if.  

When it was time to get a room ready for a girl, I looked for bedding.  I soon decided that I would make something for her.  Truth is, she doesn't need a full quilt this early, but something inside of me needed her to have one.

Once again, I found inspiration from Serena and Lily-particularly this quilt.  I loved the layers of flowers, but I wanted something more random. 

With extra fabric from the aqua bed skirt, I made a huge aqua flower like this one.  Then, I added some white jersey flowers like I did when I made this shirt.  (Looking at it now, I wish I would have done more flowers-cause we can never have too many flowers!)

For the back, I used the wrong side of a sheet that someone had given me.  The aqua blue of those flowers matched the aqua in the flower perfectly.  Serendipity at its finest.

After three times of ripping it apart, a desperate call to Julie, 4,000 trips to the craft store, I finally got it together.  At night, when I put her in her crib, cover her up with something I made, my nurture alarm goes off, and I feel like a mom who can finally keep her babies warm.

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