Monday, November 14, 2011

Fern Sleeps, Burl Plays

With a lot of downtime this past week, Burl has had his fair share of playing at home.  It's a bit more than he's used to.  He's a goer like I am-loves seeing people, loves going places, etc.  Because of his love for all things people, I thought that all this house time would be hard for him and for me.

So far, we're doing great.  I'm loving my time at home more than I ever have and he's enjoying playing with everything he can get his hands on.  It's so fun to watch him play, and it's so much fun to play with him.  When Fern is sleeping, in her crib or in the moby wrap, I get to play with him.

The temperatures were perfect this morning for some time outside.  Lucky for Burl, we let the yard get overgrown, the brush pile up, and scrap pieces of wood from pallet projects laying around for him to really enjoy himself.  

A little bit later, Fern hits the sack, flashes an accidental smile and Burl and I get our play on some more.

We watch the squirrels, we tickle, we play with tools, and 

I set the self timer on the camera to take some pictures of my little Buddy.

And even though I look tired, I have no make-up on and the ugly metal window frame is in the picture, I love it!  


  1. so sweet meg!! that pic of fern sleeping is about the cutest thing ever. she looks so happy!

  2. What a cute fam! Now we just need Daddy! Love those! Fern's so cute!

  3. you do NOT look tired. or like you just had a baby. glad B had a good day!

  4. Do you love the MOBY? Mark lived in that thing for the first 5 months of his life. Both of your babies are precious and you look great, Meg!

  5. It is amazing what happens when the second one gets real. Reality check for how much a little kid needs to be entertained and how precious naps actually are were two things I learned when my second one came. Congrats on a super fun and amazing ride!