Friday, December 9, 2011

Play Date

Burl had a little play date this morning.  This might be his first time hosting.  My friend dropped her son off so she could go for a run-and I was happy to help so Burl could have someone to play with beside boring ol' Mama.  

The guys are just a few days apart and so similar.  Tools, grunting, cars-they loved it all!

There was opportunity to learn about sharing, a scary and new concept for us.  Once the concept was understood, the fun started.  

They spent a lot of time working (aka, banging) on the windowsill.  I couldn't get enough pictures!

During an innocent hug, both guys lost their balance and went tumbling on the floor.  Both boys reacted the same: they looked around, they grunted, they got up and kept playing.

I think this will work out just fine.  

Especially since I scored some tickets to an 
Avett Brothers' concert that sold out in 27 seconds during it all-my reaction being something like this girl's.  (Skip to 1:07)

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