Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fern's Room

Like I said before, I really love getting a room ready for a girl more than a boy.  (For the record, I have yet to "do" Burl's room.  So sad.)  With Fern's room, I wanted something soft but wild.  Something simple but unexpected.  Part of her room still feels cold.  There aren't toys on the shelves.  We're still missing signs of life and play on the floor.  She's not even two feet long yet, so her room occupancy is pretty low.

For now, the only things in her room are the things that I have put there.  Originally, I was going for an aqua/coral-pink color combination, but it ended up being a whole-lotta-aqua with a coral-pink chair.  But, her room is still growing and we're still working on things.  

Here's what the room looks like when walking from the hall:

I'm still looking for some material that I like for the windows.  The white needs to go, because I'm ready for some texture.  Some dimension.  Whatever the professionals call it.  The white is too boring for me (words I never thought I would say), and I need some design that has aqua and/or a similar color to the chair.  Everything I've seen just doesn't seem right.  Suggestions welcome.

Say hi to the coral chair.  The chair is perfect and I'm so glad I snagged it when my friends were moving cross-country and couldn't fit it in their moving bins.  Thank you, Caroline.  (See her blog HERE for some dang-good writing.)

That empty frame-a list minute throw-on-the-wall.  It's not going to stay.  I'm envisioning some large pictures, maybe some
that Kate took.  

Next up is her little changing area:

I think this spot is pretty dreamy.  Let's start from the top and work our way down:

The light fixture is just three white bird cages that I strangled with white Christmas lights.  Christmas lights used as actual lighting always makes me think of college decorating-almost as classic as the red solo cup.  I think that Christmas lights are sold with textbooks or something because every good college student uses them at one point in their college days.  Wrapped in some bird cages and it almost looks like a funky chandelier.  

That mirror, a darker shade of the dresser, I found it in my attic.  Bonus: the mirror is somewhat distorted and makes its subject skinny.  Skinny mirrors make the world go 'round.

I'm way too tall for a normal changing table, so I like to use a tall dresser instead.  This is one that I bought from Deb.  It was originally black and white, so I painted it the same aqua as the laundry closet.

That little stool was made by my father-in-law.  Each grandchild has one.  Until Fern can use it, it's where Burl stands to watch me change her clothes.

Her crib is the same crib that we used for Burl.  I made the bedding: a quilt and a 3-layered ruffle bed skirt.  That's right, 3 layers, triple threat.

The painting is stellar, am I right ladies?  I was going to try to paint it myself, but that last month of being pregnant I got a little overwhelmed.  Creating a painting just wasn't going to happen.  So, I called my friend, Jenny, and asked her if she would do it.  And wa-la, she came through for me, big time.  Way better than I could have imagined.  

I worked hard finding the perfect color aqua material for the bed skirt.  I found it online and had a sample sent to me.  By my surprise, the color matched perfectly to the aqua that I used on the laundry closet and the dresser.  When I pointed out this absolute miracle to John, he was not nearly as amazed as I was.  He said that I pick that color all the time and I probably had a t-shirt that color.  For the record, I do.  And I have some chacos, dress, earrings, and cardigan that color.  I like that about myself. 

Also, I made this little lamp for her room.  It was very easy to do.  I think it's pretty cute.

I would like to say that all these ideas were my own, but they weren't.  I found a lot of inspiration from Pinterest.  For links to the tutorials and resources, feel free to check out my board for Fern's room.


  1. wow. Wow. WOW. Her room is magical. You did a fantastic job.

    And that painting is indeed the icing on the cake.

  2. absolutely gorgeous. i need your help!! feeling slightly guilty i still haven't decorated a room for my girls...and I cuddled eleanor in that pink chair almost SEVEN years ago. egads. where does the time fly. and thanks for the blog plug ;).

  3. what a sweet room! and i noticed the 'fancy nancy' book on her shelf - we LOVE fancy nancy around here. :)

  4. That's why Jenny's always booked up - she's freelancing as an artist! Love the painting.


  5. This is room is so lovely and serene! And it's so you, exactly your style and perfect for Fern to grow up in and into. And that painting? DIVINE.


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