Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How I Like To Weekend

There was a lot this weekend.  It wasn't busy.  It was fun.  There is a difference, and the difference is usually related to how much one enjoys the things that they are doing.  Like=fun, don't like=busy.  

This weekend was fun.  Throw a ball in the house, bring the sidewalk chalk inside good.  Oh the magic of an empty room for a toddler! Ok, John and I like it as well-hello family dance parties and extra room to exercise.

A little home improvement project turn living-room-makeover kept us together all day Saturday.  John worked on the ceiling while I played with the kids on the floor in the corner.  That's how they are.  Where Da-ee goes, Burl goes, where Fern goes, where Mama goes.  

There we sat, on our little section of the brown paper.  Burl was good.  He stayed on his side of the line that I drew for him.  Then, it was his turn.  The paper was pulled and we cleaned up-a family affair.  

And Burl took turns with the shop-vac.  Those turns that are like the ones from my childhood-I took turns with my mom when she cooked.  It seemed like the time between my turns took eternity and all I wanted to do was get my hands on that mixer!  I think I probably let her work for 3 or 4 seconds until I started begging for my turn again.  Same with Burl.  Same with the shop vac.  Imagine this pant-less little boy pointing to himself saying repeatedly, "I do. I do."

Then there is the little Fern.  In true infant style, she slept for most of the day and missed out on the action.  In between naps, she was smiles and softness.  I could rub those cheeks for hours.  

Sunday night we rallied.  Forget slowing down and preparing for the week.  We left those cute little babies with my mom and hit the town.-dinner and live music style.  It's like every month there is another awesome concert that I have to go see.  Oh, the trouble.  After mentioning that John's favorite band was Punch Brothers, two friends emailed me right away, "you know that they're coming to Chattanooga?"  We didn't know that.  I called John and told him, scoring me 1,000 wife points for being in the know.  Thanks to those two girls in the front, we had a good night.  Friends and family style.  Punch Brothers might be the only band that John, my brothers, and I like to see.  Music, bringing people together.  

We went to bed LATE that night and felt it the next day.  For all the lack of sleep we felt, the energy and memory of the night before kept us smiling and beaming.  
That was one fun weekend.

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  1. what project are you doing in your living room!?!?!


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