Monday, April 2, 2012

On The Floor

So far, I can say that today is an ordinary Monday.  {With an opening sentence like that, I know that hearts are beating faster in anticipation.}  We woke up to realize that Da-ee is not here.  He had to go back to work, so Mama's left to do this solo.  Que: laundry day.  We ripped the sheets off the bed, sorted the clothes, got breakfast, made a dash for more coffee beans, and came back home.  Fern napped, Burl and I played in the front yard.  Once she woke up, we came inside and found ourselves with a little floor time.  We played.  Nothing special-just blocks and protect Fern's head.

Sometimes when I'm playing with the kids, I start to get anxious.  I start to think of what I could be doing or what I need to be doing or what I want to be doing instead.  I have to make myself sit and play.  Playing with the kids is just about the most important thing that I can be doing at the time. I have a hard time remembering that, and I have a hard time feeling that.

This week, I've changed how I look at that special, only-little-once time.  This is what I do: I remember what it was like before I had Burl and Fern.  I remember those long afternoons at the little shops where I worked and things got really slow and I felt so bored.  I felt like everyone else was having fun at work and I was not.  Like a light switch, my attitude changes.  My perspective ignites.  What I wouldn't do back then for some of this time right now.  

In an instant, I become super mom.
I am taken back by how wonderful these little lives are.
I'm so thankful that the Lord lets me stay home and be a mom to them.
I long for nothing else but for this little time right here.  Right now.
I grab my camera that is beside me and snap some pictures, because they are so fun to photograph.

Me: "Hey Burl, can you sit on the floor by Fern so I can take a picture?"
Burl: "Ughhhh, Yep!" {loads of enthusiasm}

This is what I get:

I finally pick up Burl.  Sit him down.  Take his chubby little baby arm and place it behind his chubby little sister and hope I can scoot back quickly before I lose that kodak moment.  This is what I got:

And it's cute and precious.  It can almost be called the perfect one.
I love it almost as much as I love the goofy ones above.

I've heard something quoted like this or seen this theme in a movie and it's very true for me on this ordinary Monday: Whether it's pictures or parenting, being perfect isn't nearly as fun as the journey along the way.  


  1. Thanks for the reminder Meg. Love the pictures, it's always like that at my house. Wait till you try to get three to look at the camera! =)

  2. What a beautiful family! Love the pics and the message you wrote, it is hard for all of us moms to remember to enjoy the moment and PLAY. But, it is soo much fun and soo needed! Thanks for the reminder! Your a great mom.

  3. supa cute, and fern looks like burl!

  4. Those are some adorable photos! :)

  5. Thank you for the simple reminder to take time to play. I'm still working on it...especially the enjoying part. But I'm trying!


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