Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family Hospitality, A Guest Post

Cameron is a cutie and if you are friends with her on facebook, go spend 2 hours looking at all her pictures.  They are so much fun and you will smile at them all.  I told her that I liked all her dinner party pics and asked her to say something about hospitality.  She had great things to say:

I grew up in a home that shaped my joy for hospitality.  Under mama’s roof, one would usually find a load of laundry sitting in the chair in the living room, a little dust on the piano, and probably a pile of clutter on my “dad’s counter” scattered with coins, papers, and receipts.   This never stopped her from opening her door to any and everyone who came to her house.  This is a policy I’ve tried to take on as my own—to resist the temptation to strive for the perfect home—let it go, and enjoy whatever or whoever comes to my doorstep.  That being said… I am learning to delight in having a home for hosting and not worshiping it.  Delighting in hospitality allows me to laugh when the across-the-street, beer-bellied neighbor is mowing his lawn shirtless during a wedding shower for everyone to see.  It also allows me to give more attention to relationships than it does the dirty dishes in my sink.  All that being said, here are a few photographs and comments of my not so perfect, but regardless, hospitable home!

Fresh flowers always brighten up a room. Always.

I love napkins.  These were one of my favorite wedding gifts I received.  One of my friends hosted a shower for me and bought antique napkins on ebay.  They’re all different-not matchy.  She had them monogrammed and then used them at the shower and then gave them to me as my shower gift.   I use the napkins all the time when we have guests over.  It’s a special touch that people notice.

Great conversation and lots of laughter make a successful evening in my book.

Board games—always a good idea.

I like that hospitality is so personal.  This was a “date” that we arranged for Paul’s grandparents when his grandfather got sick.  Although Grampa Jones wasn’t able to leave his house, we tried our best to make them feel like guests in their own home. 

Even my husband gets into it… 


  1. CAM!!!! I'm so obsessed with this! That last picture killed me! Too much goodness. You are beautiful. So thankful to know you.

    1. I'm with Molly! That first paragraph is my favorite one.