Saturday, June 2, 2012


Recently, I came across a new blog, WanderLost.  I loved some of the videos, posted a link on my facebook, and quickly learned that we have mutual friends.  Then, I learned that Molly started making videos called Homeland.  They have me hooked and have me longing for braided hair, the smell of campfires, and some raw adventure in the outdoors.  This video was filmed in Red River Gorge, where we were about a year ago, and possibly my favorite woods I've ever been in.  

This video is called Pression.  Enjoy:

I have pressed myself; 
Shoulderblades and footbones 
Levered between a rock 
And a hard place.
 Like a canary in a coal mine, 
I have sensed the closing in, 
Felt the pressure, 
And flown away with a flash 
Of yellow wings.

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