Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Week's Menu

"John, can you hand me a napkin in a cute color that isn't pink?"  -what I said as I grabbed my camera and sat down to dinner.  The pasta looked too good not to be photographed.  He hands me the right napkin, kinda laughs, and knows that it's easier to just let me snap a couple pictures.  It's called enjoying a meal.  

Also, this is the first time that Burl has successfully eaten sauteed spinach.  It was a combination of three things: mixing it with something else, slicing it beforehand so it is small enough for him to eat and not gag him, and the real kicker: he helped put it in the pasta.  We've noticed that if he helps make the meal, then he is always more excited about eating it.

Linguini with tomatoes, basil, spinach, and garlic, grapes
Cowboy Breakfast Skillet, maybe some biscuits
Garlic grilled pork tenderloin, peas & carrots, roasted beets with balsalmic reduction, cantalope
Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans

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