Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little Fern & Her Bucket

When I started this blog, I only had one baby.  I talked a lot about him on this blog.  It was my first time having a  front row seat to the evolution of a person.  I remember being in awe of every little development, then blogging about it.  I remember when playing in his basket of toys became part of our daily routine.  It was just after he went from three naps to two naps and I blogged about it.  Suddenly, my little infant was becoming an active, playful little person and I had to talk about it.  

Now that I have two babies, I don't blog about the little things with each of them as much as I did before.  Instead, all those little things become something big and I blog about playing on the floor with both of my children and having fun as a family on the weekends.  

Not today.  I'm not talking about a bunch of little things that become one big thing.  I'm only talking about Fern, or Ferny as we usually call her.  Because she's hit a little milestone.  It was slowly creeping up on us, but it's official: sista likes her toys.  

One of her places that she loves to be is on the floor with her toy bucket beside her.  It's small and has only a few toys that are safe for her.  We sit her on the floor, and one of us (sometimes even Burl) brings her bucket to her and she starts playing.  She goes through the toys, chooses a few, and they all go in her mouth.  We recently added this little hairbrush, and she is very fond of it.  

Just like that, she's changing, growing up, enjoying her playtime.  And I love it.  Watching an entire person grow and change and become someone unique is one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed.  It makes me so excited that I take several pictures, add some words, and share this not-so-big-but-very-huge-deal thing.  

This girl, these children, this life, are all blessings.  They are kind of a big deal around here, and I really enjoy talking about them.  

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  1. Such a great moment! Fern is a sweet little thing; thanks for sharing her with us.