Monday, September 17, 2012

A Sunday Night Adventure

Yesterday, late afternoon, the four of us sat in the den with nothing but energy and free time on our hands.  John and I were both itching for one last weekend-excursion.  He made the suggestion, "let's go get ice cream."  I said, "What?  Before dinner?  Sounds good to me, let's go to the park too."  Just like that we had one last weekend-opportunity to go for some fun.

As much as we love unscheduled time at home, playing on the floor with the kids, sometimes we have the itch to get out and go.  If that itch is on a Sunday night, then we embrace it.  There is something special about a Sunday night outing.  

The weekend was good and we had some low key family times.  Then, Sunday night hit and we know that the week is going to be here soon and John's going to miss a lot of the action because he's at work.  With the desire to have one last little memory, we are launched into an easy evening of enjoying being together, doing something fun.

The family picture that would have been cute if the kids weren't upset and the picture was centered.

When we grabbed our ice cream and hit the park, we were joined by 100 other people who wanted one-last-go of the weekend.  The park we went to is wildly popular, so it added fuel to our happy-go-lucky fire.  Everyone is out and playing and enjoying friends or family with a beautiful setting and a slightly sticky evening.  We see them with their laughter, energy, and ease, and we feed off of it.  Whether it's a bbq, a walk, tag football, a climbing wall, or playing in the fountain, we're all enjoying the last drops of the weekend.

Being together is the name of the game for everyone there.  Some as friends, some as families, some as groups, and some as dates.  Any way it is, we know that being together is sweet and always meant to be savored.

John and I are still trying to grasp the sweet reality that we have been blessed with each other and our children, Burl and Fern.  On these simple little outings where we take turns running with Burl, playing in the grass with Fern, taking pictures of it all, we get overwhelmed by the simplicity of this joyful life.

He's convinced that to run, he has to be sweaty and take his shirt off like John. 

This Monday, where John is off to work and I get to stay home with the kids, I feel full of gratitude.  That little Sunday evening adventure served us well.  It filled our memory-cup and is running over to today.  As I type this, I look at the clock.  I can't wait for John to come home and we're reunited again.  

Whether we go out for ice cream or stay home and play on the floor, we'll be together and that is wonderful for me.


  1. Thank you for this. I NEED pic of my grand children. Plus John and you. Made a tough day easier.

  2. Super sweet. I love the shot of Fern chomping on your wallet. Babies are such curious explorers.

  3. The moral of the story is... Ice cream us ALWAYS a good idea! Please tell me it was Clumpies?