Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Week's Menu

It's Sunday night.  We're about to kick off the week, so I'm planning my meals and posting them here.  

Sometimes I'm asked for my recipes, and that's very flattering.  However, I don't use recipes much.  If I do, then I try to link them here.  Otherwise, I'm using one of those things called a cookbook, but most times I'm doing it my way: winging it.  I'm on of those cook-by-taste girls, who takes recipes and adapts them.  Precise techniques are not my thing.  Playing and trying and tasting are my preferred ways to cook.  Some like the science of cooking, some (myself) like the art of it.  Here's what I'll be trying this week:

Taken right before I wrote this post while John and I were talking and cleaning the kitchen.  I could take pictures of frosty glasses of water any day.  Why are they so magical?

Vegetarian Tortilla Soup
Thyme and root vegetable beans and brown rice
John's pizza, salad
Salisbury steak, brown rice, sauteed green beans


  1. vegetarian tortilla soup sounds really good.