Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camping With The Kids

It's the perfect time of year for camping.  Even though I don't go often or own much of the gear, I have to say that sleeping outside is my preferred way of sleeping.  This year, John and I are eager to take the kids with us.  It will be crazy.  It will be new.  It will be some major memories for the kids.  As I think through the logistics, I found this quote:

It goes against every instinct, to surrender to this rhythm, to give in to the movement outside my control. Victory after all, and I didn’t even see it coming. 

I need to keep my standards realistic about camping with a toddler and an infant.  All encouragement and helpful tips are appreciated.


  1. teach your kids to keep their shoes outside the tent (easier to keep it clean in there) and don't let them eat in the tent(crumbs have a way of attracting bugs) . invest in good air mattresses and a pump.

    1. Good tricks! We've got an air mattress. Nothing says camping like an air mattress! Thanks.


  2. girl...you know we did this...several times. Hiked in with Delaney at 2 months old in a baby bjorn and slept on a rock. Then several times since. Best thing I can say is take lots of food and bug spray. ditto on the above comment with the air mattress. And take extra flashlights, one for each kid. Have fun!

    1. I'm not sure how it's going to work with Fern who works her own self to sleep while confined to her crib, but I'm willing to try.

      Got the air mattress and will get flashlights.

      Glad to hear you did it too. Good memories?

  3. I'm late to this comment party but I have encouragement galore! My daughters started camping as infants, and we pushed on every conceivable combination of babies and toddlers.

    Number one tip: use a backpack to carry the wee ones, especially around the campsite when you need to get something done. My kids loved riding around on our backs, and even a toddler who hadn't ridden for months would get excited to climb in and enjoy the novelty while camping. I would never have survived without this essential tool.

    Number two tip: seriously consider a family bedtime. I spent a lot of time trying to get my little ones to go to sleep so we could enjoy some adult time at the campfire, but looking back, I can see what a futile dream that was. If I was to do it over again, I would save myself the drama and just all climb into the tent at the same time. I'm sure I could have used the extra sleep.

    Number three tip: empty out one of your big plastic storage containers and use it as a bathtub to give the little ones a proper bath. I love to let my little ones run dirty and wild all day long, but I feel much better putting them to bed when they are clean and fresh.

    And my last tip: just do it. Of course, there will be stressful moments, just like at home, but it's all worth it!