Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Week's Menu

What's my favorite kitchen tool?  Two times in my life I've been asked that question: once for cooking club and once for the local paper.  Well, not the city wide paper, but I was interviewed for this community insert.  They always featured a person who liked to cook and published 1-3 of their recipes.  My most used tools are my cutting boards and chef's knife.  They are used several times a day, mincing garlic, slicing bell peppers, or cutting a melon.  If I had to take one thing with me, it would be my cheap wooden cutting boards and the good knife that I have.  However, that's not what my heart would pick.  My heart would pick the wooden spoons.

I love my wooden spoons.  I remember my mom always had them growing up.  When it came to stock my first kitchen, I went to buy them and couldn't find the dark wooden ones like my mom had.  I settled with the light wood package.  Little did I know, that there are no dark ones.  The spoons are darkened over uses.  The more they're used, the darker they get.  Very dark=many homemade meals prepared.  There is much love in those spoons.  

I would love to hear your favorite kitchen items (practical or cheesy).  No one can say "take out menus."  This week, I'm making:

Almond honey salmon, sauteed spinach, sweet potato fries
Shrimp orzo, steamed broccoli
Tomato basil quiche, fruit salad


  1. I love wooden spoons, too for the same reason. My most used kitchen tools are probably my Santoku knife and cutting boards, but my favorite item is my Le Crueset Dutch oven, which I use several times a week.

  2. I love my rubber spatulas. Silly it may be, but I love a cleanly scraped bowl, and that's the only way I can get every last lick of batter. Oh and, our cast iron skillets. That is, the ones that are really seasoned well. :)

  3. My knife, though I desperately need it sharpened.