Friday, September 28, 2012

Sinking In

With some treats in my bag, I sat on the creek bed with my two little children.  I was overwhelmed by the scene that I was in, because this is a beautiful season of my life.  It is not lost on me how wonderful this time is.  I'm blessed it and I'm feeling it.  

Even though I was robbed of a beautiful day just two days ago by nagging clutter, it's today that I'm celebrating the fullness my heart feels.  I'm not going to remember cleaning.  Instead I'm going to remember these sweet little adventures.  

I dressed Fern in Carhartt overalls, which have proven to be the best thing for her when we crawl around outside, and Burl got to wear his biiiig boots.  I sat there with her and we watched Burl play in the shallow creek.  It was a little thing to do this Friday morning, but it felt so big.

There were tears in my throat while I sat there, and they're here again.  This is sweet, and I'm still amazed by this season of my life.  We had one hour by that creek, and it was a full hour where my reality sunk deeper in my heart.


  1. Ok a little teary. You let Burl be a boy and a child and let him play in the water. What a wonderful gift for him

  2. Beautiful photos of your lovely family.

  3. I think this is why I love your blog and get excited when I see you've posted: you truly love your life and that is so awesome! I hope you can hang on to that and not get stressed and harried trying to get stuff done and go places and keep up when your kids are older. I got caught in that trap for a couple of years, but now thankfully, we've found some balance in the last couple years and I get to savor these fleeting moments with my kids!