Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear High School Me,

Dear High School Meg,

It's 31 year old Meg.  Guess what I'm wearing?  A white tee and jeans!  We'll always feel the best and most ourselves when we wear that.  Rock it, own it, and know that it will serve as a metaphor for style, life, and home decor.  Not that it's life shattering, but it's just a little hint.
We still have many years ahead of us, but I would love to share a few things with you:  

First, if I told you that at 22 you would get married would you believe me?  Yeah, I didn't think so.    You thought that it would be well into your 30s that you find someone who could love you so, but nope, you would be wrong.  At 21 you find a good friend in a quiet introvert who loves you unconditionally and writes you letters and loves your food and will offer you a stability that you have been missing in your home.  Strong Silent Type?  That's going to be your husband and your babies' daddy.  Yep, you have kids too.  They are so freaking adorable and have the kissiest cheeks!  They will make you cry and smile and laugh and even help you trust God more.  It's unbelievable.  You'll have a cool stroller, a minivan, and you'll stay at home with them and go on fun adventures to creeks and playgrounds and grocery stores that pass out free treats.  You don't believe do you?  All you hear is life-lottery don't you?  I know.  I feel the same way, like why does all this goodness come to me?  I ask myself that question often, because we're not used to easy and good.  It feels so strange to have your dreams come true, but let go of the guilt of it all.  It's your story.  You've got good and you've got bad.  That's how it goes.

High school graduation.  Your brothers will make you laugh for your whole life-even if they make an "L" for loser in the family picture.  Things will never change.

Second, these high school years are rough.  These four years might possibly be the worst ever!  Home life is nasty.  Makeup and hair styles are still a foreign language to you.  No boy has ever claimed any affections for you.  You have seen a lot of crap.  Well, I'm sorry about that.  I really am.  High school kids shouldn't have to deal with some of the stuff that you've dealt with, so let me assure you: You Are Doing Great.  You are handling it beautifully.  All this suffering is giving you endurance and joy and you'll ride that train forever.  I just looked through some of our high school pictures, and you were beaming.  In the midst of darkness, God showed you His light in different ways and you will never forget it.  You're so good at smiling on the inside and the outside.  You're good at being real.  
You're an extremely hard worker.  You're good at finding what you need: community.  You know what's important: people.  

One of your dearest friends (and maid of honor) made this collage for you.
You can't part with it because it holds so many great memories.

Third, I'm holding all the advice.  You don't need it.  You'll have a slew of good people in your life and in your church that the Lord will use to bless you.  This will be the biggest sign of God's love for you: a community that loves on you.  You're going to do great at asking for help and advice.

All those mission trips will help set your heart to be thankful and aware that the world is bigger than just you.
Fourth, you love all this affirmation, don't you?  Gosh, it's so fun.  You need it, girl, and I would love to hang out with you and give you more of it.  If I could do anything, then I would come back in time, affirm you, take you on outdoorsy adventures, and ask you hard questions and listen to you.  That's what you need right now.  

The last thing is this: it's all going to be all right.  We know the end of the story.  The Lord has faithfully taken care of you, and you know this.  Deep inside this truth will carry you through life. 

You're loved, and I think you know that deep inside.  


The idea for this letter came from another blog, Chatting at the Sky.  The author, Emily, just wrote a book for teen girls.  It's like Grace for the Good Girl, but for a younger audience.  I recommend all of her stuff!  Also, I would recommend writing a letter to your high school self.  Even if it's in your head, on paper, or on your blog, the exercise is a fun thing to do.


  1. Tear drops...GIRL...stop it with all the fabulous, touch my heart writing. You are adorable and really and truly such a good egg. I am so lucky that you are right down the street and you come bouncing in with your hilarity and deep thoughts at just the right times. High school you had it going on, believe me. Just like 31 year old you. Guess what...? 31, 32 is when it all clicks. Mark my words.
    Love your sweet soul!

    1. All I can say is thank you for your consistent encouragement. I'm excited about bible study with you and so glad that I recognized your address on your check all those years ago!

  2. PS...that last look EXACTLY like that now. I sorta hate you.

  3. Oh this is so wonderful. If only my high school self could have heard this sort of thing.

    I've been following your blog for a while, and when you commented on mine after my FPF photo I got all kinds of excited. Thanks for sharing your life!

    1. Yay! Thanks for the kind words, and congrats again on Sunset Rock engagement. I'm sure we have 1000 mutual friends-hope we meet one day!

  4. Meg... this made me cry. This is beautiful. You have a true talent.

    1. Thanks Cameron. Wish you lived closer too!!!

  5. Your paragraph about rough high school years - sounds so much like it could be written to me. Beautiful letter. I like how you didn't give advice. :)