Friday, November 16, 2012

Like Sisters

Long life best friends are like sisters.  They know it all.
They fill in the memory-gaps from childhood.  They know it all.
They know your intentions.  They know it all.
They understand the back story.  They know it all.  

We don't live in the same city, so my kids don't know Lauren (and her family) well.  When we got together recently, my kids felt the comfort of a wonderful friendship.  Seriously, Burl and Fern were so at ease with Lauren-Mama, Aunt Lala, or just Lauren.  Of course, Lauren is such a good friend, she makes the day the best she can for my kids.  

She buys Burl a Thor-hammer, or as Burl calls it The Bigger Hammer Ever!
She has cows for us to see.
She makes spouses for my children.  
She takes the pictures when I can't.  
She encourages rowdy play. 
She gets hot dogs for lunch.
She cleans Burl's ears. 
She says "I'll do it" when Burl says he wants Lauren to clean his bottom because he went brown poo-poo.

The ease and comfort that I feel with Lauren is unparalleled   Friendships that start so early in life and have any sustenance to them only grow better through life.  They get stronger, and nothing can replace a friend who knows it all.  I didn't realize how easy it was until I realized my kids were more comfortable than I've ever seen them with someone they don't see that often.  Maybe they feel it too.  Maybe they hear me talk about Lauren so much that they know.  Maybe good friendships just do that: bring comfort. Yep, I think that's all true.  

Lauren, ABF. 

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