Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To Fern, On Her 1st Birthday

Dear Fern, in true household fashion, your birthday festivities were not limited to your actual day.  After having a little party for you on Friday night, we spent the rest of our three day weekend doing fun family activities.  Saturday was warm and gorgeous.  While I was throwing a shower, Daddy and Burl put together your little baby bike and I got several texts during the party that you loved it and wouldn't stop playing with it.  You are so cute.  Later that night, we went down to the river to watch the rowing competition and enjoy the warm weather.  You were as happy as could be riding on my back in a starfish position.  We took you out to dinner where you were as happy as could be, danced to the overhead music, and ate french fries.  

Monday, we woke and went to Whole Foods to get you and your brother a free treat and Mama a Larabar because she's on a silly diet.  You loved your treat and cried when it was gone.  After naps and lunch, we took you to the park.  We sat you in the grass, where you are always happy playing with leaves and grass.  You giggled when we put you in the swing and were generally happy and sweet with whatever we did.

Now, let's get mushy.  As I carried you in the house a few minutes ago I just looked at your face. I believe you are the prettiest girl that I've ever laid eyes on.  You are sweet and precious and a bundle of joy.  Even though I put you in Carhartts to go to the park, you are still a delicate little girl.  You are by far the most lady like person in this house, and I'm not sure how you got that way.  You have a sweetness about you that spreads to everyone around you.  I feel it, your Daddy feels it, and even your brother feels it.  Speaking of your brother, I love to watch you love him.  You love him, and he loves you right back.  I hope you have so much fun growing up together.  You like to dance, clap, eat sweet potatoes, be a part of the action, sometimes crawl off by yourself to play, be held my your Mama, and play with anything that has a face.  You don't make much noise, but when you do, it's a sweet little sound.  

My hope and prayer for you from before you were born was that you would know God's love for you.  I hope that you feel most loved and beautiful and valuable because of God's perfect, never-ending, all-encompassing love for you, our little Fern.

Happy Birthday.  I love you.  Love, Mama.


  1. i love how you love this girl. love it. happy birthday, little fern. you are one special girl, just like your mama.

  2. ok full disclosure I was crying this time. It was more than just allergies.