Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Thoughts & Goals

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I sat down and wrote some of my mental goals going into the holiday.  Holidays usually revolve around people, and these are ways that have been keeping me from seeing those people who are in my life.  Here are my thoughts:

On eating...It's about to get awesome up in here with all the good foods coming my way.  I want the meal to be about the family that I'm eating it with, not the yumminess that I get to enjoy.  Instead of gluttonously looking at what I'm about to consume, I want to celebrate good foods.  Above all, I want the food to come second to people on the list of things that take my focus.  

 On cleaning...With several cooks and way more eaters in my house, things are going to get sticky quickly.  I want to not even see it.  I want to see all my family crammed in my kitchen and not even see the mess that may or may not happening.  These times that we're all together are rare, and I don't want to be consumed with a mess.  Messes are temporary, but so are those family gatherings.  Only one gets my attention.  

I found some good perspective on this on Facebook.  One of my older friends who has grandchildren all over and a daughter in Spain posted this, "Got up this morning to a quiet and orderly house.  So sad.  Miss my babes."  Later in the comments she says, "I would gladly trade my neat, clean, and organized house for sticky fingerprints and toys all over the place."  I bet she's so welcoming and nurturing at family gatherings!  

On giving...It has always felt good to be generous.  Not only with money but with time, effort, and words makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.  The warm and fuzzy are really masks for proud and powerful.  My generosity usually comes from a place that is above the recipient, like I'm reaching down off my high platform.  From now on, I want to be compelled to give because it's not mine in the first place.  From money to ability to willingness, it is not me who has but me has been given to.   With joy and humility and gratefulness, I want to be generous because someone has been extremely generous to me.

When I read over these, I remember how much I failed and how much I succeeded all the same.  While there is definitely room for growth (as there always be), I am amazed at how the past year things have changed in my heart.  Perspective has been given to me.  My heart has been pierced.  Intentional thinking and living is starting to bloom.  The overwhelming feeling that I have is freedom.  I've been set free from a few things that have so entangled my heart.  A free(-er) heart makes life grand.

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