Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Playground Independence

As they get older, they get a little more independent and able to do more things.  While they have fun at the playground, I feel a little bit overwhelmed by how good and natural this mom thing feels at times.

Burl has mastered the ladder that used to terrify me.  Burl knows how to hold on to the big swing, yelling, "faster!  higher!" just like a big kid.  He runs and climbs and laughs and needs no help from me to enjoy the playground.

Fern is pretty good about not putting random things in her mouth, which means I can set her down to play while I run over to help Burl.  She also got the concept of the slide today.  I would put her right on the edge, she would barely lean forward, slide down the baby slide, laughing all the way.  Repeat 20 times.  (For some reason, documenting their first good sliding session is a big deal to me.)

The key to a group shot: threaten the toddler we'll leave if he doesn't stand by me for one picture.

Watching them become toddlers and children (without rushing the process), is such fun.  While they learn to play, I'm learning to be a grateful stay-at-home mom.  I'm focusing on receiving this time as a precious and sweet gift, free of guilt or worry.  While they are excited to try the next big thing, whether that be the tire swing or the baby slide, I'm excited to get to be there with them.


  1. What happened? Were the Carharts dirty? I was beginning to think the girl didn't have anything else to wear.

    1. I"m pretty sure the Carhart overalls were made for outdoor crawlers. Those things are boss.